User-Generated Content (UGC)

You didn't think I only wrote words, did you? Well, I hope not, because I'm also an experienced UGC creator. I have produced content from start to finish for a number of brands spanning various industries, from fashion to education, lifestyle to technology. I'm quite the generalist, so no matter your niche, I can craft the perfect UGC video to suit your brand's vision – although, I do hold a special place in my heart for fashion, beauty and lifestyle content.

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The client instructed me to create a payday routine video, showing how I budget my pay and expenses each fortnight. They wanted me to film a casual video, making a drink/snack while talking through the intro, then sitting down on a couch/desk while my voiceover talked through my expenses. I needed to organically include RentPay without making it sales-y, and the client did not want a CTA at the end.

Body Blendz

The client wanted a video that showcased Body Blendz's ability to be used as a quick, one-minute skincare routine. They wanted it to be completed in a casual, cosy setting have have a conversational tone with B-roll overlay placed strategically throughout the video.

Student Edge - Passport

Student Edge asked me to create a video for them targeting students – both in high school and university – who are struggling to land their first job. They wanted me to provide an array of tips while organically including the 'Student Edge Passport', a resume builder designed to help students. The client requested a video that hooked the audience and retained their attention throughout the video with overlays and B-roll.

Larder & Vine

Larder & Vine wanted me to film an unboxing video of their cast iron Dutch oven. I was instructed to show off the aesthetic design as well as highlight the features and quality of the product, without making it "in-your-face sales-y".

Service Denim

While this wasn't an ad for Service Denim asked for (I simply loved their store and wanted to create content informing people of their services), the brand's marketing manager found it when he was scrolling on TikTok and reached out to thank me for producing quality content for the company. He loved my conversational and informative approach, which was also received well by my audience. 

Student Edge - LinkedIn ad

The client requested that I make them a landscape LinkedIn ad to promote their new 'Content Creator Network' to their clients and partners. Student Edge wanted me to highlight that the creators are people who genuinely use and enjoy their clients' products, thus producing authentic content. They also wanted me to mention how students get paid through their 'Student Edge Credit' system

Tempest 95

Tempest 95 requested that I create a TikTok video styling one of their latest hoodies. They wanted it to be short, sharp and snappy, without a piece-to-camera or voiceover. So, I made an engaging 'fashion inspo' video, wherein I styled the hoodie with matching garments to make an aesthetic streetwear look.