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The High Maintenance Hacks You Need to Do to Be a Low Maintenance Girly

There’s many a thing that I takeaway from TikTok these days – far more than I’d like to admit. While I’m smooth-brain scrolling on my daily commute or (ashamedly) getting my screen-time up before bed, I often stumble upon helpful tips, tricks and things I never knew existed, but should really be across. From female-owned Australian fashion brands to new cafes in Melbourne, social media is an endless pit of knowledge waiting to reveal itself (or be posted at the right moment). And one thing that’

PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2024: The Best Runways, Pop Ups and Exhibitions

It's officially fashion-lovers' favourite time of the year. PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival returns for its 28th year in 2024, showcasing a world-class line up of runways, talks, films, masterclasses, popups and more. From expertly-curated vintage markets to thought-provoking fashion exhibitions and hands-on workshops, the sartorial event proves that fashion is much more than merely runways (although those are exceptional, too). Taking place from the 24th February to the 9th of March, Melbourn

The Most Bellissimo Pizza Melbourne has to Offer

Dom’s Social Club is a tri-level pizzeria, public bar and rooftop that promises to be everything you need (and more) to have a rollicking night out in the city. Before you get on the spritzes, sate your hunger with their wood-fired pizzas, which come in all sorts of interesting varieties. Whether it’s a fiery ghost pepper salami number tempered with cooling salsa, or an orange-hued pizza laden with cured pork cheek and roast pumpkin, you’re sure to try something completely new here.

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Things to do in Adelaide With Kids: How to Keep Them Entertained

So, you need some inspiration to keep your little ones entertained. We totally get it - there’s certainly a limit to how many playgrounds and indoor play centres one can handle. When the school holidays hit, or the kids just need a little extra stimulation over the weekend, we’ve got you sorted. The best news is you don’t have to miss out on the fun either - most of these activities are great for grown-ups too; because who doesn't love letting loose and feeling free every now and again? Taking i

Things to do in Phillip Island: Your Ultimate Guide

Just a short 90-minute drive from Melbourne, Phillip Island is the perfect destination for a weekend away. There are an abundance of fun things to do in Phillip Island, and far more than its given credit for. While the incredible motorcycle Grand Prix circuit and its adorable penguin community are well known, those aren't the only two things to do down on the island. From exploring stunning beaches and coastal hikes to indulging in the exquisite local food offerings, there are plenty of both pai

Valentine's Day in Adelaide: What to Do Around the City

Are you into big romantic gestures or do you prefer cosy and casual dates? Are you celebrating with the girls for a fun Galentine's or looking to spoil your significant other? Ah, the beauty of Valentine’s Day – where you can do candlelit dinners in dark corners of restaurants, a day sprawled out in the sunshine or pull the curtains shut and nestle down with a bowl of popcorn for a Harry Potter marathon (if that's your cup of tea). We’ve rounded up our choice of Valentine’s Day events around Ade

What's On This Weekend in Melbourne

There's no other place that compares to Melbourne - especially in summer. There's a new activity, event or pop-up appearing everywhere you look throughout the city and its surrounds, making it a season of endless fun. A weekend in summer calls for a good dose of inner city arts and culture, followed by wining and dining at the best CBD restaurants. Make this weekend one for the books with our roundup of the best things to do. Here are just some of the many ways to take advantage of what's on in

Valentine's Day in Melbourne 2024: Date Ideas and Restaurants That Will Make Your Heart Swoon

There’s nothing quite like the overwhelming surge of stress that washes over you when you realize Valentine’s Day is mere days away, and you haven’t booked in for some quality time with your significant other (if you celebrate it, of course). The last-minute rush to squeeze in a dinner at a predominantly booked-out hot spot or snag a ticket to an already sold-out event is something we’ve all guiltily experienced. Let’s not make that the case this year.

This is your official reminder that Valent

Best Bookstores in Melbourne: Where to Find Your Next Page-Turner

Who would have thought we would be living in a time where you have to charge your book to read it? Kindles and E-Readers are growing more popular by the day. If you look over your shoulder on your morning commute, chances are you'll see someone enthralled by some mystery book as they tap to turn the page on their Kindle. If you prefer the tangible feeling of turning an actual page, however, you're not alone. There's something special about the cracks in the spine of a well-loved book. So, we've

The Best Markets in Melbourne You Need to Visit at Least Once

Celebrating local artisans, makers, collectors and artists, Melbourne’s market scene offers a rich bounty of clothing, accessories, and homewares, from pre-loved threads to upcycled gems. What’s more, you’ll save a tonne of cash, support local businesses and do your bit for the environment. So, after brunch this weekend, why not skip the usual shopping haunts and head straight to the best markets in Melbourne instead? We guarantee the weekend pilgrimage is well worth the trek.

The Abbotsford Co

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If you’re an athlete, you need PUMA track and field shoes. Crafted for the ones who want to give it their all. Next time you hit the field, you’ll notice a true difference in your athletic track shoes, enhanced with PUMA technology. Shop the collection online today and push yourself further.

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Is your computer screen damaging your skin?

I’M A chronically-online girly. I scroll through my phone before getting up for the day, constantly stare at my screen during my nine to five, and then come home and sit in front of my TV. My screen time is absolutely none of my business, and I don’t plan on checking it. Or, that’s what I thought until I found out exposure to blue light can actually damage your skin.

I have enough skin issues as it is, and don’t really feel like adding another concern to the list. Screen-exposure is inevitable,

What is semi-permanent makeup and does it work?

IF YOU asked me whether I think I’m high or low maintenance, I couldn’t give you a definite answer. If I’m feeling good, you best believe I’m hopping out of bed at 6am to achieve a full blowout before I head off to work. Other days, I’m rocking up to the office in a hoodie.

Regardless of my mood, I love a good hack that means I can look great while also being lower maintenance. This means I’m prey to the endless “high maintenance tricks in order to be low maintenance” routines that fill my TikT

Hiking shoes and clothing - PUMA

Introducing our first hiking-specific shoe: the Explore NITRO. It's designed for all trails, from flat and gravelly to steep and rocky, with a combination of NITRO foam and PROFOAMLITE through the midsole maximising comfort over any terrain. Throw in a PUMAGRIP ATR outsole and a unique collar shape – complete with integrated, heel supporting lacing...

Introducing our first hiking-specific shoe: the Explore NITRO. It's designed for all trails, from flat and gravelly to steep and rocky, with a co

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Every woman needs a gym buddy. A best friend who always shows up, holds you accountable, and pushes you further. One that doesn't slack off. One that doesn't give up. And no one is a better training partner than PUMA. Let us introduce you to our women's gym clothing, shoes, and gear – your new go-to get-up for all your workouts.

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