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Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Mel & Sam’s High Pony

Mel & Sam’s High Pony is something we can only describe as Queer Madness.

High Pony is Mel O’Brien and Samantha Andrews’ third live show since the chaotic music-comedy duo began, as part of the International Comedy Festival. Mel and Sam’s Melbourne showcase launched on the back of their new brand new podcast series on Spotify, which is full of heinous, hyper-local shits and gigs that have the two of us in tears every episode. So when we were given the opportunity to go and watch their show at t

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Review – Is Marvel in its Flop Era?

WARNING: this article contains spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder

On Friday, I made the questionable decision to sit through Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) and be madly disappointed by what was unfurling in front of my eyes.

Before you yell at me or rage-click away from this article, I’m a Marvel fan, and Thor’s series of films are amongst my favourites. No, it’s not just because of Chris Hemsworth’s godly body (although who could blame me). Taika Waititi is my favourite director, and I hold T

Everything RIGHT With Heartstopper – Why More Shows Should Strive to be Like Netflix’s New Original

I don’t know about you, but I’m still reeling from watching Netflix’s new series, Heartstopper. Hooked from the first episode, I binged it within a day. I shut my laptop at 12:08am, giddy with emotion and heart full of adoration for what’s now one of my favourite Netflix series.

As I lay in bed, feeling warm and fuzzy from this ultimate feel-good show, I realised: everything in Heartstopper just felt so right.

It astounds me that so many series and films struggle to achieve the lasting affect Heartstopper did, because in my head, it all seems so simple. So, after taking a day to gather my thoughts and put my emotions in check, I have pieced together all the things I believe Heartstopper has done right, and what other series and films should aim to follow.