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Best Asian Restaurants Adelaide: 5 Fusion Spots to Try

Best Asian Restaurants Adelaide: 5 Fusion Spots to Try When you don't know what cuisine you're craving but know you want a burst of flavour, head to these Asian restaurants in Adelaide for a combination of all the dishes you love the most across a range of Asian cuisines

While we love traditional Asian cuisine endlessly, there's just something about contemporary Asian fusion that hits the spot when you want to eat something fun and unique. When you don't know if you're feeling like Thai or Viet

The Best Stargazing Spots in Australia for a Magical Night

While we all know and love the city, there’s something quite magical about escaping to regional landscapes for a night to take in the stars. Whether you go camping, stay in a cute Airbnb or are just going for a late-night drive, there are beautiful spots in each state that are perfect for stargazing. Planning a low-budget date night, road trip or simply wanting to go and see the stars while enjoying some self-reflecting? We’ve rounded up the top stargazing spots in Australia so you can enjoy the

Amalfi Dreaming: The Best Italian Restaurants, Cafes, Bars & Shops for a Slice of Summer

If you’ve been on any social media platform recently, you may notice Instagram stories of flight tickets, travel vlogs on TikTok and in-feed posts of turquoise waters aplenty. The Euro Summer content is starting to ramp up, which leaves those of us without tickets feeling slightly envious…and cold. Luckily for us Melburnians, there’s a plethora of Italian restaurants, cafes, bars and shops that are alluring enough to convince you that you’ve been whisked away for summer along the Amalfi coast, e

Style News: Melbourne Warehouse Sales, Online Sales & Store Openings

Melbourne is the most stylish city of them all, and no, we're not totally biased...maybe a little. Regardless, there are an endless amount of cool new brands, warehouse sales, and pop-up events to help fuel our wardrobes and keep them looking fresh at all times - and at a discounted price. So gear up and get your wallets ready to do some spending, because we've rounded up all of the hottest style news, Melbourne warehouse sales and online sales, as well as new store openings that as a fashion en

The Best Cafes in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs for a Local Bite

One of the greatest things about Melbourne is the abundance of cafes and brunch spots – there’s just about one of every corner. You don’t need to venture very far for a quality bite to eat. In fact, some of Melbourne’s best cafes are in the eastern suburbs. Whether you’re a local on this side of the city or are in the mood to venture out and try a new spot in an unfamiliar area, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up the best cafes in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Happy brunching!

The Peddler Cafe has

What's Cheaper Than Flights from Melbourne to Paris? These Chic Spots Around the City!

As the cold, wintery months fast approach, talk of people preparing for their European summer getaways becomes louder and louder. And for those of us not going, it stirs up feelings of envy, jealousy and sadness. As we sit in our offices, rugged up in a thousand layers, Sarah and Susan are posting the Eiffel Tower on their Instagram story. Ugh. While you Google flights from Melbourne to Paris in a despair, we’re here to remind you that Melbourne is a city full of other cultures and cuisines. So,

The Desk Essentials You Need for the Ultimate Work Wellness Routine

Wellness routines most commonly hover in the hair care, skin care, makeup and self-care ritual categories. We use these routines to keep us grounded, unwind and reset when life gets a little too overwhelming…and often, the culprit is your job. We go to work every single weekday, so it’s no surprise that it’s a cause of stress for us. But what if you could establish some order amongst the chaos? Investing in products to make your life that little bit easier and establishing a work wellness routin

The Best Hair Care Products to Transform Your Locks

In recent years, haircare has moved to the forefront of the beauty industry. Gone are the days when a simple shampoo and conditioner (dare we recall the days of an all-in-one) was enough to tend to our locks. More people are realising that we take measures to look after our skin, forming multi-step routines, so why haven’t we been applying the same rules to our hair?

Certified Trichologist Chelcey Salinger tells Sitchu that scalp care is vital, highlighting its crucial role in maintaining healt

The Viral Drinks in Melbourne You Need to Know About in 2024

There’s no denying that Melburnians love a good coffee – and some of us may be a bit of a coffee snob. We can’t help it; we know what’s good and what’s not. And Melbourne cafés are starting to get creative with their menus. Maybe it’s because they have a reputation to uphold, maybe it’s just because people are getting a little bored of the classic coffee and are itching to try something new. But local favourites and hot spots alike have been branching out of the stock standard menu and dabbling

The Best Curly Hairdressers in Melbourne to Bring Back Your Bounce

The daily struggles of a curly girl can be rough. Unlike our get up, brush and go straight-haired counterparts, curls can be a frustrating whirlwind. Whether our curls will be sitting nicely or be fitting for a bird’s nest is always an anxious question we ask ourselves before we can get in front of a mirror – and more often than not, it’s the latter.

One factor that strongly influences how well your hair sits is the cut you have. And regular hair salons simply don’t quite cut it for us and our

The Best Podcasts in Australia to Listen to in 2024

We can’t imagine what life was like before podcasts. Yes, we know the radio exists, but they’re two completely different ballparks, right? While you’d throw on any radio station when you’re in the car and have to listen to whoever’s talk show was playing, choosing a podcast to listen to is something of an art form. But with so many categories to choose from, spanning the likes of beauty, news, comedy, fashion, self-help and more, it’s so easy to get caught up and overwhelmed by how saturated the

The Best Eyebrow Studios in Melbourne to Beautify Your Brows

Without an eye for symmetry and serious talent on the tweezers, grooming and shaping your brows can be stressful work. There's the halfhearted, attemptingyl reassuring saying that 'brows are meant to be sisters, not twins,' but one wrong move and they become more like distant cousins. So, to avoid any unwanted mishaps, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. The quest for the studio that delivers the best eyebrows in Melbourne is akin to finding the perfect hairdresser; once you find the rig

Best Looks to Shop from the Melbourne Fashion Festival Runways

Over the past couple of years, Melbourne Fashion Festival has shot up in popularity. While it's still no Milan or Paris Fashion Week, Australian designers are proving their position in the fashion industry as some of the best designers, both across the country and internationally. More and more people are getting involved with the festival, too, with Elle Macpherson making her return to the runway for the first time in 14 years at the Triumphant X PayPal Runway, and Robert Irwin making his runwa

The 2024 Nail Trends You Need to Try Out for Yourself

Different self-care methods come and go, but the one that seems to always stand tall and true like a stable rock seems to be our classic, consistent nail appointments. Whether it’s a manicure or pedicure, there’s just something about having your nails perfectly manicured that helps you to feel low maintenance and put together at the same time.

Another year has flown by, and with that, our go-to nail trends. As our past loves fizzle out from overuse and too much adoration, alluring new designs s

The High Maintenance Hacks You Need to Do to Be a Low Maintenance Girly

There’s many a thing that I takeaway from TikTok these days – far more than I’d like to admit. While I’m smooth-brain scrolling on my daily commute or (ashamedly) getting my screen-time up before bed, I often stumble upon helpful tips, tricks and things I never knew existed, but should really be across. From female-owned Australian fashion brands to new cafes in Melbourne, social media is an endless pit of knowledge waiting to reveal itself (or be posted at the right moment). And one thing that’

PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2024: The Best Runways, Pop Ups and Exhibitions

It's officially fashion-lovers' favourite time of the year. PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival returns for its 28th year in 2024, showcasing a world-class line up of runways, talks, films, masterclasses, popups and more. From expertly-curated vintage markets to thought-provoking fashion exhibitions and hands-on workshops, the sartorial event proves that fashion is much more than merely runways (although those are exceptional, too). Taking place from the 24th February to the 9th of March, Melbourn