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Men's Jackets and Coats

Men's jackets and coats are a staple of any wardrobe, and Nique's collection allows you to take your style to the next level.

Whether it's a cotton jacket for summer or a warm wool coat for winter, Nique's range is designed with versatility in mind. Nique's modern, relaxed silhouettes provide ultimate comfort without compromising on its contemporary sense of style. Each piece is crafted with minimal design elements and maximum quality, meaning your outerwear will outlast the ever-changing trend

GenderU Outerwear

Jackets and coats are wardrobe staples. When the weather gets cooler, we turn to these essential pieces to offer us warmth and comfort.

But functionality does not mean you need to sacrifice style. Nique offers a range of unisex coats and jackets that blend modern silhouettes with fine details for a timeless look. Crafted from natural fabrics, each piece is carefully crafted to ensure luxurious quality that will ensure your Nique outerwear lasts for years to come. You can be sure of long-lasting

Women's Coats and Jackets

Nique's collection of coats and jackets is designed with minimalism in mind, resulting in modern silhouettes and cuts that suit any occasion.

The range of lightweight linen jackets, wool coats, and relaxed over-shirts provide both an edge and sophistication in equal measure. Whether you are looking for something that is fit for everyday wear or something more formal for a special occasion, our collection of relaxed-fit coats and jackets has the perfect coat or jacket to suit your needs. Nique

GenderU Knitwear

Introducing Nique, the epitome of modern and luxurious knitwear. Nique's collection of unisex cardigans, sweaters, and other knitwear pieces are crafted with only the finest materials – luxe cashmere, merino wool and premium cotton – so you can be sure that your garments will last and keep you warm all year.

With a combination of sustainably sourced organic and recycled materials, this range of knitwear does not harm our planet. Created with the modern minimalist in mind, Nique's knitwear is id

Women's T-shirts and Tanks

In order to create the perfect capsule wardrobe to last, it is important to invest in minimalist basics.

You need to invest in garments that are of premium quality, and their appearance won’t grow old or outdated. Nique has created a line of timeless yet contemporary women's T-shirts and tanks to offer the perfect solution for all those looking for effortless style. Classic cuts with an eye-catching modern twist, made from exclusive premium blends and sustainably sourced fabrics designed to las

Men's Shirts

The modern man's wardrobe needs a classic shirt. A button-up shirt is a timeless wardrobe piece and can be worn with confidence no matter the occasion.

Whether you're on summer vacation or are getting ready for a day at work, a shirt will always be a contemporary, polished choice. Nique has designed a collection of men's shirts that is perfect for any event, from relaxed gatherings to formal affairs. Created with the modern minimalist in mind, Nique's shirts are crafted from premium quality fab

Women's Pants

To build a capsule wardrobe that will last through the ages, it is important to invest in quality clothing.

When purchasing garments, it is essential not only that they feel comfortable and are made of sustainable materials but also that they stand the test of the trend cycle. This is imperative with pants. Pants and trousers are wardrobe staples that, if chosen well, will accompany you through life. Nique's range of women's pants provides all the qualities necessary for a timeless wardrobe pie

Linen Pants

It can be difficult to find the perfect pant for cooler summer nights. The evenings that aren’t quite cold enough for heavy trousers or jeans, but goosebumps form if you stay in shorts.

Linen pants are the quintessential pant for all occasions. Derived from flax plant fibres, linen is an extremely versatile and resilient fabric. Strong, moth-resistant and able to withstand high temperatures, linen will clothe you through summer. It is antibacterial, naturally absorbs moisture and is naturally w

Men's Linen Shirts

Linen is the optimal summer fabric. Exuding comfort, coolness and classic elegance, linen is there for you when temperatures begin to creep up.

When regular shirts start feeling uncomfortable and hot, swap them out for linen shirts that offer a lightweight feel and cooling capabilities. Nique’s edit of men’s linen shirts consists of contemporary, minimalist pieces that will keep you looking sharp while keeping cool throughout the hotter seasons. Timeless and classic, Nique’s linen shirts are a

Women's Linen Pants

To create a versatile, modern minimalist wardrobe that will last through all trends and seasons you need elevated basics.

Linen pants are a classic garment that will forever remain a favourite. Lightweight, sleek and adept with cooling capabilities, linen pants are there to keep you fresh through warmer days. Nique’s edit of women’s linen pants features relaxed fits, precise cuts, detailed tailoring and effortless silhouettes. Made for the modern woman, Nique’s linen pants are the pieces you ne

Linen Dresses

In the warmer seasons, lightweight clothes are a wardrobe must-have.

Dresses replace knitwear, and trousers are swapped for skirts, shorts and dresses. That’s where linen comes in. Linen has a natural ability to wick water and keep you cool and well-ventilated. These aspects make it the perfect natural material for summer. Nique’s edit of linen dresses are crafted from responsibly sourced European linen and are made to elevate your everyday wardrobe. These modern, minimalist silhouettes will fo

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Long lines. Plenty of monochrome. Simplicity with an edge.

At Nique, we design with the future in mind. Balancing a cool aesthetic with consideration for our environment. Created for the modern, un-traditional and cultured. Cool and personal.

Guided by modernist principles, discarding the traditional notions of gender and age, we celebrate the ritual of getting dressed everyday, inspired by individualism and experimentation.

Our intent on everything we design is to ensure that you get the bes

GenderU Pants + Shorts

Nothing is more essential to a modern capsule wardrobe than a staple pair of pants.

Nique’s edit of unisex pants is adaptable, minimalist, and perfect for Creatives on the go. Fashion does not have a gender, and Nique’s range of unisex pants is no exception. Featuring statement curve leg pants, relaxed tailoring, contemporary linen pants and shorts in an array of neutral colours. Utilising sustainable fabrics including Tencel, organic cotton and Rayon, Nique’s planet-conscious collection will h

Women's Dresses

Nique’s dresses pursue contemporary femininity for the established creative. Crafted with strong, minimalistic, sleek, flowing silhouettes made of delicate cottons, natural linens, and carefully selected fibres, Nique’s women’s dresses are mindful and perfect for any occasion.

Nique does not adopt fast fashion trends. Designed with lifetime wear in mind, Nique’s women’s dresses take form in re-imagined, unique shapes and cuts that sit effortlessly on all bodies. Whether it be mini dresses, midi

Men's T-shirts + Sweatshirts

Every wardrobe is anchored around the staple T-shirt. Ageless and versatile, these garments will never go out of fashion.

Nique prides itself on creating timeless essentials with an impeccable eye and sustainable fabrics. Always in style, Nique is for the modernist who does not follow trends. Designed for longevity.

Nique’s men’s T-shirts are produced using quality, ethically sourced materials such as bamboo, sustainable cotton and hemp. The luxurious blends of fibres create comfortable, uniqu

Women's Linen

An effortless, timeless wardrobe is crafted with minimalist staples that can last a lifetime. Nique's capsule collection of women's linen clothing is designed to transcend seasons and trends.

Sophisticated, modern and mindful, linen is the stepping stone to beginning your forever wardrobe. Think of linen as your fashion foundation. With love and care, Nique's premium linen is crafted to last for as long as you'd like to continue wearing it. Nique's linen collection includes everything you need