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If you’re an athlete, you need PUMA track and field shoes. Crafted for the ones who want to give it their all. Next time you hit the field, you’ll notice a true difference in your athletic track shoes, enhanced with PUMA technology. Shop the collection online today and push yourself further.

Our athletic track shoes are designed for those who dare to dream big and push the boundaries of their potential. We understand the dedication it takes to excel in your sport, and our mission is to provide

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Unleash your inner athlete the next time you hit the track with PUMA’s collection of running apparel. Browse the range online now so you have a fresh set of gear in time for your next run.

Take Your Running to the Next Level

At PUMA, we have you covered with the most efficient innovations to optimise your workout experience. Our dryCELL technology is designed to keep your body cool and dry with it’s moisture-wicking properties while you push harder. Featured in running wear like our notorious

Shop Basketball Shoes & Apparel for Women Online | PUMA AU

Welcome to the court of style and performance, where power and grace collide. PUMA proudly presents our collection of women's basketball clothing and shoes. Designed for the fierce female athletes who dominate the game with skill, determination, and unyielding confidence, our range combines cutting-edge technology with innovative design. We ensure you stay at the top of your game while making a bold statement both on and off the hardwood.

Step onto the court with confidence in our iconic basket

Hiking shoes and clothing - PUMA

Introducing our first hiking-specific shoe: the Explore NITRO. It's designed for all trails, from flat and gravelly to steep and rocky, with a combination of NITRO foam and PROFOAMLITE through the midsole maximising comfort over any terrain. Throw in a PUMAGRIP ATR outsole and a unique collar shape – complete with integrated, heel supporting lacing...

Introducing our first hiking-specific shoe: the Explore NITRO. It's designed for all trails, from flat and gravelly to steep and rocky, with a co

Shop Women's Training & Gym Shoes, Clothing & Gear | PUMA AU

Every woman needs a gym buddy. A best friend who always shows up, holds you accountable, and pushes you further. One that doesn't slack off. One that doesn't give up. And no one is a better training partner than PUMA. Let us introduce you to our women's gym clothing, shoes, and gear – your new go-to get-up for all your workouts.

PUMA is proud to offer a wide variety of stylish, comfortable pieces that are designed to keep you feeling great while you reach your fitness goals. Our premium perform

Shop Women's Training & Gym Shoes Online | PUMA AU

When training, you always want to put your best foot forward. Go in with a good mindset, ready to tackle your workout head-on. But you can’t do that without the correct gear – especially shoes. With the wrong shoes, you'll be more focused on the discomfort than your workout – and no one wants that.

At PUMA, we pride ourselves on crafting women’s gym shoes that help you run faster, train harder and jump higher. Our gym shoes for women are designed with the latest technologies for maximum cushion